享受 Cyber TV 的強大功能,深入娛樂世界。無論您是喜歡來自香港、中國、台灣、日本、韓國還是其他任何地方的客戶,Cyber電視盒為您提供大量的直播頻道,確保您不會錯過喜愛的節目、新聞或體育賽事。

Unleash the power of our Android TV box and delve into a world of entertainment. Whether you're a fan of live TV from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, or anywhere around the world, we have got you covered. 

另一個重強優點就是提供安裝上的便利。如果您的Android設備出現故障,你可以在其他任何Android設備上輕鬆安裝及重新激活Cyber TV APP。使用Cyber TV,我們可以確保你所購買的​使用權限,保持不會被懷機, 死機或新版本所影響。

Another advantage is the convenience of installation. If your Android device fails, you can easily install and reactivate the Cyber TV APP on any other Android device. With Cyber TV, we can ensure that the subscription you purchased will remain unaffected by freezing or crashing hardware or new version releases.

無論您擁有傳統電視盒、Android平板電腦還是​智能手機,我們的Cyber TV應用程式在所有Android設備上都能無縫運行。將您的設備變成一個娛樂強大的中心,隨時隨地享受您喜愛的節目、電影、體育等。

Unlike other boxes on the market, where releasing a new version or dealing with a faulty device most companies will force you to buy a completely new device and it may cost you hunderd of dollars, we believe in giving you value for your money. When you purchase our Android TV box, it comes bundled with the Cyber TV app. No extra fees or hidden costs. You get the complete package, and we ensure your experience is hassle-free and cost-effective.